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WinDirStat Crack

WinDirStat is a free, open-source disk usage analysis software for the Windows operating system. It visually displays the storage used by files and folders on your hard drive or another storage device, allowing users to quickly understand how their disk space is being used. Overall, WinDirStat is a powerful, easy-to-use disk usage analyzer that provides a detailed view of how disk space is being used, helping users identify and manage large or junk files to create better storage space …

WinDirStat Crack is a free disk cleanup tool that lets you manage your drives. WinDirStat scans the drives of your choice and will display a complete list of directories to tell you the exact amount of storage space each file is using. This application is only available for Microsoft Windows PC operating systems. Sequoia View, Tree Size, and Wiz Tree are alternatives to WinDirStat. These apps scan your PC’s drives to provide a visual representation of the files that are using the most storage space with graphics filled with squares and rectangles representing the files.

WinDirStat Full Version is safe for PC users and is lightweight software under 1MB. You can use WinDirStat to create additional space on your hard drives or solid-state drives. As the application is used to free up space on your operating system, the small size of the program is important. WinDirStat is open source and the source code is open for you to modify under the GNU GPLv2 license. Download WinDirStat, a free and open-source disk usage analysis and cleaning software for Microsoft® Windows®.

Mac® OS X® users should use the Disk Inventory X or Grand Perspective alternatives. Linux users should try Kadar Stat or others like Baobab (a component module of the gnome-utile package). The program can scan local partitions or the entire hard disk, presenting the results under a color graphic image for the used space. It is also a cleaning tool as it allows you to delete files that take up a lot of space. The advantage of using this tool is that you can identify the files that take up the most space and you can also delete them directly from the main interface of the program.

Highlights & Features:

  • WinDirStat is a lightweight 1MB security software for PC users.
  • Free up space on your hard drives or solid-state drives with WinDirStat.
  • The minimum application size is vital because the application is used as free space in the operating system.
  • The GNU GPLv2 license allows you to modify the open-source WinDirStat source code.
  • The list is built based on the size of the file/subtree and is the same as the tree view in Windows Explorer.
  • Tree map, which instantly displays the contents of all directory trees,
  • The caption in the appendix provides information about the input file.
  • A free utility that manages the drive is WinDirStat.
  • WinDirStat analyzes your favorite drives and a comprehensive list shows the amount of storage space available for each device.
  • Only computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system can use this software.
  • Provides users with a list of detected file extensions. This comes with the overall percentage of space that each file extension originally takes up.
  • Each extent is different as it is represented by its own color in the graphical map provided.
  • The utility can effectively scan any external, internal, and network drivers.
  • The utility comes in a portable version.
  • The utility allows users to send reports through the email feature.
  • Downloading WinDirStat Also, here are some amazing facts about WinDirStat: From the official source, the utility has been downloaded over 9 million times since its release in October 2003.
  • In July 2014, the utility was listed among the top five most downloaded “Filesystems” software programs on source forge. As such, it averages over 13,000 downloads/per week. WinDirStat is free to download.
  • WinDirStat is currently “up to date”. This is evident from the fact that its usability is designed to work perfectly on all platforms.
  • Disk space graph: WinDirStat displays a visual graph of disk usage in the form of a colored rectangle, where each rectangle represents a file or folder. The size of the rectangle corresponds to the size of the file or folder, visually showing the files or folders that take up the most disk space.
  • File and folder statistics: WinDirStat provides detailed information about files and folders, including their size, percentage of disk usage, and the last time they were accessed. This allows users to identify large or unused files that are taking up valuable disk space.
  • Tree Graph View: WinDirStat provides a tree graph view that displays disk usage data in a hierarchical tree structure. It allows users to sort folders and subfolders to determine which are taking up the most space.
  • File Type and Extension Filtering – WinDirStat allows users to browse files by type or extension, making it easier to identify large files of a certain type, such as video files or documents.
  • Cleaning options: WinDirStat includes integrated cleaning options, such as the ability to delete files or folders directly from the software interface. It helps users free up disk space quickly by finding and deleting redundant or unnecessary files.
  • Customization: WinDirStat allows users to customize the color and appearance of the disk usage chart, and adjust various settings based on their preferences and needs.
  • Export and Reporting: WinDirStat allows users to export disk usage data to various file formats such as CSV or HTML and generate reports for further analysis or documentation.

What’s New?

  • WinDirStat provides a complete list of the disk usage information for your HD or SSD which is safe for WinDirStat.
  • You can check one or more drives at a time.
  • Use the “All Local Drives” button to search specific folders or quickly search all local drives.
  • On the left side, you can see the list of saved items.
  • The right pane contains statistical information for the baseline analysis.


  • Suitable for beginners and advanced users.
  • It displays the results in three formats.
  • Option to customize generated reports


  • Does not prevent users from deleting system files

WinDirStat License Key:






WinDirStat License Key

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10, 8/8.1, Windows 7.
  • Processor: Pentium 4 (2.4 GHz) or Above.
  • Graphics Cards: PCI Express graphic accelerator supporting DirectX 9.0, Intel HD Graphics or above.
  • RAM: 2 GB required for Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8/8.1.
  • Hard Disk Space: 40 MB for product installation.

How to install WinDirStat Crack?

  1. Download the software and run the installation file.
  2. Click “I Agree” to continue.
  3. Select the installation method and click “Next”.
  4. Change the installation folder and click “Next”.
  5. Select the components and click Install to start the installation.
  6. After setup is complete, click Close.
  7. Done! Enjoy it.

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